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January 19, 2012
Updated: January 12th, 2013 10:46 AM (MT)

Finding Your Niche as a Consultant in Technical Communications: Specialize for Success

A panel discussion

Speaker: John Daigle, Bette Frick, Linda Gallagher, Marc Lee, and Tammy Van Boening

In these days of job insecurity and career anxiety, maybe you've considered leaving the corporate world to set up your own business as a tech comm consultant, find your own clients, and establish your own identity. Or maybe you're already working as a contractor and would like to refine your goals and set up your own career path. Maybe you're a corporate employee facing downsizing and unexpectedly looking for contract work.

Should you focus on a particular type of deliverable or client and define a niche for yourself? (If so, how do you determine your niche?) Or would you rather be a "generalist" and avoid limits? (Even then, you might still consider focusing on a specialty or two, based on your technical knowledge or skill set.) Does defining yourself as a brand correlate to establishing a successful business for yourself?

For answers to these and other questions about niches and specialization in the technical communication world, join us for a moderator-led discussion as local independent consultants share their advice, strategies, and success stories. We've assembled a panel of experts with their own niches (medical and scientific clients), specialties (e-learning and multimedia), and general experience  (backed by tools, single-source, and broad product knowledge). You'll learn how our panelists determine their strategies, target their clients, and establish themselves as star performers.

Panelists include John Daigle, Bette Frick, Linda Gallagher, Marc Lee, and Tammy Van Boening.