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2013-2014 Year-end Review
Updated: October 28th, 2016 11:25 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers


Marie DesJardin (elected to VP and appointed to President)

Vice President

Dave Wilks (appointed by council)


Debbie Peebles


Jessica Betterly

Past President Marcia Wood
Nominating Committee Carmen Carmack
Martha Sippel
Advisory Committee Deb Lockwood
Martha Sippel
Frank Tagader
Award Nominations Martha Sippel
Blog/Newsletter (Technicalities) Joel Meier
Facilities/Hospitality Deanna Mosler
Jobs John Endicott
Mailing Lists John Endicott
Membership Marcia Wood
Mentoring Deb Lockwood
Northern Colorado Carmen Carmack
Programs Joel Meier
Debbie Peebles
Martha Sippel
Frank Tagader
Publicity Open
Social Media Dave Wilks
Volunteers John Endicott
Website Martha Sippel
Joel Meier
Frank Tagader



  • Communication Catalysts
  • The Truth about 3D Printers: No Funky Red/Blue Glasses Required!
  • Single Sourcing Strategies (a webinar)
  • Adobe Content (a webinar)
  • Communication though Signage and Wayfinding
  • Doing More with Less
  • Networking