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2009-2010 Year-end Review
Updated: January 12th, 2013 10:55 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers



Ruth Gaulke

Vice President

Kristy Astry


Bonnie Weaver


Deb Lockwood

Past President John Endicott
Nominating Committee Joel Meier
Frank Tagader
Advisory Committee Ron Arner
Deb Lockwood
Martha Sippel
Mary Jo Stark
Frank Tagader
Award Nominations Martha Sippel
Blog/Newsletter (Technicalities) Dana Aubin
Discussion List Deb Lockwood
Facilities/Hospitality Open
Jobs John Endicott
Deb Lockwood
Membership Michelle Despres
Mentoring Deb Lockwood
Northern Colorado Carmen Carmack
Programs Open
Publicity Open
Scholarships  Joel Meier
Frank Tagader
Seminars Open
Volunteers Ruth Gaulke
Website Becky Williams
Martha Sippel


  • CAA Award of Excellence


  • The Secrets of Building Your Network
  • Expert Panel: Tech Communicators' Changing Roles in Agile Environments
  • Marketing Communication Inside and Outside the Company
  • What's Up eDoc? (webinar)
  • Career Change: How to identify several meaningful, motivating career change options
  • No Metrics, No Quality …Know Metrics, Know Quality! (Annual Business Meeting and Award presentations)
  • Networking