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2005-2006 Year-end Review
Updated: March 12th, 2014 10:27 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers

President Marella Colyvas
Vice President Deb Lockwood
Secretary Kathy Ramsey
Treasurer Jessica Betterly
Past President Marc Lee
Nominating Committee
Ron Arner
Tammy VanBoening
Membership Helen Tuttle
Martha Sippel
Frank Tagader
Seminars  Elizabeth (Bette) Frick
Publicity Jacque Fryday
World Wide Web Anne Halsey
Mailing List Karen Kraft-Miller
Jobs Anne Halsey
Newsletter Ron Arner
Education Don Zimmerman
Hospitality Kim Weathersby
Mentoring Deb Lockwood
Consultants and Independent
Contractors Special Interest Group 
Whitney Broach
Linda Gallagher
Assistant to the president Frank Tagader
Associate Fellow nominations  Martha Sippel
Northern Colorado Carmen Carmack
Western Slope Special Interest Group Victoria Thomas



  • Making the most of project you
  • Heroes, villains, and fools in technical communication, senior member dinner
  • Ready! Fire! Aim!
  • How to make a six-figure income as a technical communicator
  • Personas for usability walkthroughs
  • Lessons learned for usability testing websites
  • The effect of the Blogosphere: Writing for the online world
  • Networking