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2000-2001 Year-end Review
Updated: January 12th, 2013 10:52 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers

President Linda Gallagher
Vice President David Garrett
Secretary Molly Malsam
Treasurer Mary Jo Stark
Past President Larry Prado

Nominating Committee


Judy Murdoch
Shirley Teter
Membership Carol Claton
New Member Orientation Carol Claton
Programs Kim Weathersby
Seminars Lynette Reveling
Publicity Jay Mead
World Wide Web  


Jason Cox
Anne Halsey
Mailing List Alana Cote
Jobs/Professionalism David Garrett
Newsletter Stephen Wertzbaugher
Education Don Zimmerman
Volunteers Wendy DuBow
Database Karen Kraft-Miller

Online Competition


Kathy Ramsey
Marella Colyvas
Publications Competition Leslie Priest
Consultants and Independent
Contractors Special Interest Group 

Lolita Mannik


FrameMaker Special Interest Group
Larry Prado
Teresa St. Jacques
Northern Colorado Special Interest Group Sandra Lieb
Online Special Interest Group Kathy Ramsey
Marella Colyvas
Western Slope Special Interest Group Helen Salter
Region 7 Director-Sponsor Ellen Fenwick


Members: 579