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1999-2000 Year-end Review
Updated: July 19th, 2013 02:12 PM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers

President Larry Prado
Vice President Linda Gallagher
Secretary Nancy Johnson
Treasurer Mary Jo Stark
Past President Jay Mead
Nominating Committee Jane Bender
Kim Weathersby
Membership Carol Claton
New Member Orientation Jacquie Huhta
Programs Lynette Reveling
Seminars Larry Prado
World Wide Web Jason Cox
Mailing List Alana Cote
Jobs/Professionalism David Garrett
Newsletter Victoria Thomas
Education Don Zimmerman
Database Karen Kraft-Miller
Art Competition Deb Braun
Online Competition Kathy Ramsey
Publications Competition Leslie Priest
Online Special Interest Group Kathy Ramsey
Consultants and Independent
Contractors Special Interest Group 
Lolita Mannik
Northern Colorado Special Interest Group Sandra Lieb
Western Slope Special Interest Group Helen Salter
Region 7 Director-Sponsor Ellen Fenwick


  • Ellen Fenwick joined us and spoke at the January 2000 meeting. Click the following link to see the highlights. The first meeting of Rocky Mountain chapter of the Society for Technical Communications of 2000
  • Tied for second place in the International Chapter Achievement Award (no prize awarded)
  • Created a chapter database to streamline chapter activities
  • Won Chapter Pacesetter Award for chapter database project
  • Created Chapter President's Award for Service and Achievement
  • Chapter President's Award for Service and Achievement presented to Mary Jo Stark, Karen Kraft-Miller, Jacquie Huhta, Jerry Skaw
  • Created Friends of the Chapter award
  • Presented Friends of the Chapter award to Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Zoa Techmedia, and JD Edwards
  • Newsletter, Technicalities, won Award of Excellence in the STC newsletter competition
  • Distinguished Chapter Service Awards presented to Jay Mead, Laurie Lamar, and Laurence Hoess
  • Began a new seminars program and held sessions on HTML, usability, and web graphics
  • Created a new RMC chapter brochure 
    Conducted and published salary survey for 1999-2000
  • Redesigned the chapter Website


  • Content Management
  • Information Mapping
  • Glamour, Fame, and Fortune: The Life of Independent Contractors and Consultants
  • ProWeb Roundtable joint meeting with Association for Quality and Participation, American Society for Training and Development, Colorado Issues Network, Employee Assistance Professionals, International Society for Performance Improvement, Information Systems Trainers, and STC RMC
  • Awards Banquet
  • Mentoring Meeting
  • Volunteer Awards and Creating web Graphics


  • Java Help
  • Adobe InDesign, Acrobat 4.0 presentations