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1992-1993 Year-end Review
Updated: January 12th, 2013 10:48 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers

President Miki Magyar
Vice President Barbara Miller
Secretary Beth Dougherty
Treasurer George E. Hoerter
Past President Denise E. Phair
Job Line Manager Mark Riedo
Membership Manager Pat Shumate
Newsletter Managing Editor Barb Gstalder
Program Manager Nancy Walters
Art and Publications Competition Kathy Ramsey
Kathleen Hansen
Region 7 Conference Manager Miki Magyar
Scholarship Program Manager Shelley Ewing
Community Outreach Kathy Curran
Region 7 Director-Sponsor Donna Sakson


  • Joint meeting between STC RMC and ISPI
  • Local spring conference: Person-to-Person
  • Richard Crum from Berlitz Translation Services presented a special workshop, "Designing English Documentation for Translation."
  • George Hoerter was recognized as an Associate Fellow
  • Bill Mattingly is elected an Associate Fellow
  • Patty Gillespie received the Distinguished Executive award
  • Members: 440 (6/30/92)


  • Task Analysis
  • SGML
  • Hypermedia
  • Getting and Keeping a Job
  • Introduction to PostScript
  • Documentation Consulting for Fun
  • How Much Information is Enough?


  • Evolving Systems
  • GeoVision Systems
  • FrameMaker
  • "Familiar with OSHA, ANSI, and MIL-SPEC standards"
  • OpenLook
  • Motif
  • SQL
  • "Must know a WYSIWYG writing tool"
  • "Necessary skills include adequate vision, accurate hearing, and hand-eye coordination"