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1991-1992 Year-end Review
Updated: January 12th, 2013 11:00 AM (MT)


Officers and Committee Managers

President Denise E. Phair
Vice President Miki Magyar
Secretary Barbara Ward
Treasurer George E. Hoerter
Conference Manager Nancy Shepard
Job Line Manager Mark Riedo
Membership Manager Pat Shumate
Newsletter Managing Editor Trish Cozart
Program Manager William A. Mattingly
Publications/Art Competition Manager Marella Colyvas
Region 7 Conference Manager 10/92 Miki Magyar
Scholarship Program Manager Beth Dougherty
Region 7 Director-Sponsor Donna Sakson


George E. Hoerter was recognized and honored as an Associate Fellow.
His plaque reads, "For outstanding contributions to publications management and technical editing and distinguished service to the Society for Technical Communication."

From a job listing that year: "Must know how to work with engineers."


  • What is TQM?
  • Technical Communication is a Balance of Skills
  • Increase Your Influence at Work
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaborative Writing


  • Precision Visuals
  • BMC Software
  • StorageTek
  • Exabyte
  • J.D. Edwards
  • Auto-Trol
  • GeoGraphix
  • UniData
  • Xedit SCRIPT
  • Bookmaster
  • DOS 4.0
  • Ventura
  • IBM mainframes
  • MVS
  • VSE
  • Word for Windows


383 (6/30/91)